Forestry Worker Tracking

The logging industry has historically been one of the world’s most dangerous work environments. With a fatality rate of 92 per 100,000 workers, logging was ranked as the 2nd most dangerous job by fatalities in 2010.

Our team designed a real-time personnel detection system that monitors the location of workers on a forestry worksite. The system requires each worker to wear a small device capable of obtaining and transmitting the worker’s location. Workers are displayed on a Graphical User Interface in the machine cab. This allows machine operators to be aware of nearby workers and take appropriate action in dangerous situations.

The outcome of the project was a fully-functioning prototype system consisting of three devices - one machine-mounted and two remote.

More details are available at the Forestry project page.

SSATS: Standalone Asset Tracking System

The SSATS system is designed to allow real time spacial tracking of many nodes in a large area. All without relying on a cellular or satellite network. The system operator is able to monitor each node and associated details from the SSATS computer application. Each node may be attached to a person, vehicle, or other desired object.

More details are available at the SSATS project page.

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    Forestry Worker Tracking

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